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Sophia's mother disappeared when she was six, leaving behind a broken father and sleep disturbed by silent terrors. Now twelve years later, the nightmares that plagued her youth have suddenly returned.

With dark creatures occupying her nights and a sense of restlessness consuming her days, all she wants is to finish school and get out of her small town as fast as possible. Everything changes when she is confronted with the realization that the shadowy beings from her dreams are real. The truth of this reality hits hard when someone she loves is killed. It would seem that anyone in their way is disposable.

A mysterious boy named Aiden enters her life bringing with him all sorts of complications. They're drawn to each other, but their connection brings Aiden right into the path of her half-demon nightmares. With her father and several new friends put in the cross-hairs, Sophia must decide whether to let the shadows take her or stand her ground and fight. As the school year steadily moves closer to an end her decision may come with the cost of her life or worse—the lives of those she cares about.

Book One
Book Two

A year ago, Sophia would have told you monsters existed only in the movies. That the world is easily understood and life has a way of making sense. A year ago, Sophia would have been wrong. 

Her world had changed and she'd seen behind the curtain. With Aiden and the others by her side, all she wants now is answers. The monsters were gone, but in their absence new questions about her past were left to haunt.

As the search for answers begins, a remnant from her nightmares returns. Her new understanding of the world is once more shaken and she finds herself on the opposite side of powerful Elementals.

When those sworn to protect humanity are your enemies, the lines of right and wrong become blurred. One wrong choice and she could be left with ashes.

Light Bringer
Book Three


After facing her nightmares and battling against those who should have been her protectors, Sophia should be prepared for anything. With knowledge gained from the Pathways and a power growing inside, the last mystery she faces is herself.

Answers about her past are being kept just out of reach. Two powerful groups of Elementals are coming to town and their intentions could easily spell doom for everyone she loves. As if that weren’t enough, a dark figure looms ever closer, threatening to change everything she once believed.

Life is never dull around the Elementals. As each decision puts those she cares about further at risk, Sophia is left with one question: Is knowing who you are worth losing everything?

The Light Bringer Saga

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